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Premium Marine Collagen Powder

Premium Marine Collagen Powder

Premium Marine Collagen Powder


Our Premium Marine Collagen Powder is Doctor-formulated with the highest quality, whole food-based, and organic ingredients to best meet our body's collagen needs for that youthful glow, inside and out. 

No Artificial Ingredients. No Additives. No Preservatives. No Added Sugars.
No Emulsifiers. No Junk.



  • Wild, Deep-Sea Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides: Derived from wild, deep-sea Canadian cod, and rich in highly bio-optimal type I collagen, marine collagen protein is 1.5 times more absorbable by the gut than beef collagen sources. It is also the primary source of type I collagen, constituting over 90% of the body's skin collagen composition, and over 80% of the body's entire collagen composition.
  • Organic Camu Camu: We've sourced one of the richest fruit forms of vitamin C, essential to facilitate the absorption, breakdown, and formation of collagen within the body. Grown in Peru, camu camu has the world's second most potent vitamin C fruit content, at 60 times more vitamin C than an orange, and is notorious for its number of antioxidants and health benefits.
  • Organic Vanilla: A hint of organic vanilla bean for flavor and odor neutralization.


    • Assists with anti-aging, preventative aging, and simple reverse aging.
    • Doctor-formulated to support, strengthen, and repair skin, hair, and nails.
    • Additionally provides support for teeth, joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, organ, and blood vessel health.
    • Strengthens cardiovascular cushioning for functioning.
    • Promotes a healthy gut and facilitates proper digestion.
    • Encourages increased metabolism and energy.  



      • Co-created by a practicing medical professional, and scientifically-backed formula. We've extensively studied, researched, and cultivated the cleanest, safest, most effective formula, that works.
      • 100% high quality, natural, whole food-based nutrition and organic ingredients. No artificial ingredients.
      • We source a particularly high quality, low molecular density marine collagen peptide for quick, maximal absorption by the body.
      • Unlike other collagen products, rather than source overseas, we've sourced each ingredient from its origin to oversee and ensure 100% purity, cleanliness, and safety of our product. 
      • A healthy, hefty 10g of marine collagen and 200mg of vitamin C per serving.
      • Curated for ideal bioavailability, absorption, and formation in the body.
      • USA NSF, USP, & GMP-certified manufactured.
      • Triple-tested by 3 FDA & NSF-certified third-party labs.
      • Paleo-friendly.
      • Keto-friendly.
      • Kosher
      • Halal



      Mix 2 scoops of powder in an 8 oz. cup of water. For a thicker consistency, mix 2 scoops in a smoothie recipe.
      Soluble in all other liquids, so alternate options such as mixing into coffee or juices will also suffice.


      10g Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen/Serving.
      30 Servings.
      Net Weight: 310g.


      100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 30 Day Money Back Returns.

      Our Qualifications

      • Highest Quality, Whole Food-Based, Organic Nutrition.

        We only use high quality 100% organic and naturally-occurring ingredients in our marine collagen formula. No additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients, or farmed substances.

      • An Honest, Scientifically-Backed Formula That Works.

        Carefully-developed and scientifically-studied formula to best meet our body's increasing collagen needs. A healthy, safe, non-invasive alternative to collagen injections. Scientifcally-shown to be significantly more effective than collagen creams or topicals.

      • Transparently Clean, Safe, and Sustainable Sourcing.

        No risk of Mad Cow Disease. Our marine collagen is derived from discarded (meaning we do not catch fish for this purpose) scales of wild-caught, deep sea cod in Canada. We never use farmed fish, and our fish are free of any antibiotics or hormones, and all ingredients are sourced from origin of growth. 

      • Increased Bioavailability, Increased Results.   

        Due to particle size, hydrolyzed marine collagen 1.5x more easily absorbed by the body than other collagen sources. We carefully selected the best low density marine collagen source for optimal bioavailability and breakdown by the body.

      • Greatest rate of efficiency. 1.5x greater absorption rate by the body than any other source of collagen.

      • NO additives, artificial ingredients, preservatives, or farmed sources.

      • NO risk of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (Mad Cow Disease).

      • Third party lab-tested for quality verification (3x).