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Premium Marine Collagen Capsules


Our Premium Marine Collagen Capsules are Doctor-formulated with the highest quality marine collagen to best meet your body's collagen needs for that youthful glow, inside and out. 

No Packing Agents. No Plastic. No Artificial Ingredients. No Additives. No Preservatives. No Emulsifiers. No Added Sugars. No Gelatin. No Junk.



  • Wild, Deep-Sea Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides: Derived from wild, deep-sea Canadian cod, and rich in highly bio-optimal type I collagen, marine collagen protein is 1.5 times more absorbable by the gut than beef collagen sources. It is also the primary source of type I collagen, constituting over 90% of the body's skin collagen composition, and over 80% of the body's entire collagen composition.
  • Organic Vegetable Capsules: Organic vegetable capsules sourced within the USA.


    • Assists with anti-aging, preventative aging, and simple reverse aging.
    • Doctor-formulated to support, strengthen, and repair skin, hair, and nails.
    • Additionally provides support for teeth, joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, organ, and blood vessel health.
    • Strengthens cardiovascular cushioning for functioning.
    • Promotes a healthy gut and facilitates proper digestion.
    • Encourages increased metabolism and energy.  
    • Great for individuals on the go.
    • Great for individuals who prefer taking capsules to liquid form.



      • Co-created by a practicing medical professional, and scientifically-backed formula. We've extensively studied, researched, and cultivated the cleanest, safest, most effective formula, that works.
      • 100% high quality, natural, whole food-based nutrition and organic ingredients. No artificial ingredients.
      • We source a particularly high quality, low molecular density marine collagen peptide for quick, maximal absorption by the body.
      • Unlike other collagen products, rather than source overseas, we source our marine collagen directly from its source of origin to ensure 100% purity, cleanliness, and safety of our product. 
      • A healthy 2g of marine collagen per serving, and 500mg per capsule.
      • Curated for ideal bioavailability, absorption, and formation in the body.
      • Made in the USA by a FDA-compliant, USP, & GMP-certified manufacturer.
      • Triple-tested by 3 FDA-compliant & GMP-certified third-party labs.
      • Paleo-friendly.
      • Keto-friendly.
      • Kosher
      • Halal



      Take 4 capsules once (or twice) a day.


      2g Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen/4 Capsule Serving.
      30 Servings.
      Net Weight: 60g/120 Capsules.


      100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 30 Day Money Back Returns.

      • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

      • 30 Day Money Back Returns